Full-time cameos wanted for webcomic!

2007-07-23 22:50:54 by McJesus



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2007-07-24 00:16:51

Transgender juice o_O gtfo*6.

McJesus responds:

Not always changes gender. Other things could happen. Like you can set yourself on fire. Who wouldn't like to set themself on fire? I know I would.


2007-07-24 02:31:14

Hmm.. Sounds interesting. I like your work. I might participate.

McJesus responds:

That'd be awesome, pm me with details if you're interested.


2007-07-24 07:12:21

Hey, nice to see you're making a comic. I might participate too.

And before you ask, I'm working on the NG train now, don't worry.

McJesus responds:

Haha, good to see you checked out my blog. WORK HARDER ON TRAIN KTHX


2007-07-24 09:07:09


Im' in.

Name: Damien Lefevre

Age: 16 (17 in january)

Country of residence: Beligum. Antwarp. Check profile. ^^

Voice clip: Wait whut? Well, I don't have a mic, but if you look at my first flash you can hear me. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /306049

Style of clothes: Anything. Cheap or second handed, seriously, I wear anything.
I don't have a style, and I never wil. The most common thing I wear is jeans. ell, you could give me a striped sweater. Oh, and I always wear All Stars (blue) don't have anything else.

Oh, and picture of me...hmm, my profile picture is what I look like drawn...I'm gonna upload a pictre of me, hold on......

http://denvish.net/ulf/240707/54274_n aamloos.JPG

There ^^

McJesus responds:



2007-07-24 12:10:48


(had to be done) :p

McJesus responds:



2007-07-24 14:15:55

Hehe, dan hebben we er in ieder geval al een Belg in.

McJesus responds:

What? WHAT?!


2007-07-25 10:12:12

<b>Name:</b> Alex Lloyd Fooks (Nicknamed 'Foogie')

<b>Age:</b> 16. Birthdate: 8th March 1991.

<b>Country of residence:</b> England. Just south of London, I think. O.o

<b>Voice clip:</b> N/A - I'm too lazy, but I have a fairly deep voice which seems often chilled out. But when I'm shouting a lot I tend to go higher pitched. I also scream in a metal band (as a side note).

<b>Picture of your head/fully body shot:</b> I'll send/post one when I have it.

<b>Style of clothes:</b> I generally wear plain black, or band tshirts. Although, recently bought some mucky green and white tshirts.
I am <i>always</i> wearing jeans, except for when I wear my one pair of camos. I wear skate shoes in a mucky green colour.
Occasionally I wear a black beenie hat, and a red pull belt thing.

Now, put me in it, plox.

McJesus responds:

You're in, just as soon as you send me a pic.

Btw, you totally pwnt urself with the coding. ;P


2007-07-25 12:03:34

Name: Brandon DeGroot
Age: 16
Country of residence: USA
Voice clip: you've heard me on paltalk probably, if you don't remember it, wait until we're both on paltalk again and then ask me
Picture of your head/fully body shot:http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index .cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=16 905730&albumID=0&imageID=3068951
Style of clothes: casual shirts, often with witty sayings on them

McJesus responds:

Sure, you're in. If you can, send me a headshot.


2007-07-28 08:16:35

Name: Melchior Merlin Philips... try to say it
Age: 13
Country of residence: Arnhem, Gelderland, Holland
Voice clip: -none-
Picture of your head/fully body shot: My uglyness can't be shown on the face of the Internets, I'll show you Via PM
Style of clothes: Boots, Jeans and a jacket. A ring around every finger and dogtags.

McJesus responds:

Sorry, can't let you in man. Bit too young. Terribly sorry. D:


2007-07-28 09:50:56

Name: Mehmet Baris

Age: 20

Habitat: Turkey, Izmir

Pic: http://s152.photobucket.com/albums/s1 96/havayosunu/?action=view&current=da vudi003.jpg

Style of clothes: I like wearing Denim jacket and jeans and a plain colored t shirt in it (purple is ma favorite). Shoes are All Stars.

McJesus responds:

Sweet, you're in man.


2007-07-30 10:11:53


Name - Jocelyn (Joss though. ROAR)
Age - 15
Habitat - Alberta, Canada
Photo - Check Grab.
Style of clothes - Black, most definately. Baggy pants, preferrably with chains and a blue mark like the Cool Tribal marking (seen here http://www.decalgirl.com/browse.cfm/4 ,4318.htm), the top being nosleeve cuz I hate sleeves, and black with a pawprint logo. I almost ALWAYS wear a Japanese Kanji pendant for "Good Luck".

McJesus responds:

Yep, you're in.


2007-08-18 01:26:12

hey, whattsup?

Name: i think you know, but, Mac Frasier
Age: 18
Country: United states
i'll send you my pic soon,
Clothes: loose clothes and a beanie. always a beanie

McJesus responds:

Need a picture soon as.


2007-08-25 01:04:53


McJesus responds:



2007-10-02 10:05:48

Im joining, k?

McJesus responds:



2008-08-01 17:20:25

How's the comic going? Looks cool.

McJesus responds:

dohohohoho this is a late response
check my 61st news entry thingo